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Toasted Soft Autumn

In the years since I started my company I have noticed a pattern with my clients and the various projects I am involved in. It seems that the majority of my clients are drawn (wether consciously or subconsciously) to their natural palette.

The seasonal palette is based on the "Color Analysis System " which uses a person's complexion, hair and eye color to determine the most flattering shades of color on and around that person. While used largely in the fashion and cosmetic industries, the seasonal color analysis can greatly affect the way a person decorates. The seasons are divided into warm (autumn, spring ) and cool ( summer, winter) and then subcategorized by intensity and value ex: deep, clear, warm etc.

At first, I was hesitant to adopt this method . Many consider the method to be outdated (it's heyday was the mid eighties/ early nineties) and rigid. However, by using it as a guideline I found that I was able to understand a client's needs and preferences in a very short time. The design process was overall much easier and the client instantly felt connected to the space.

There is a lot more current info available online about the seasonal color analysis and you don't always have to bide by it. By using it most of the time you ensure a cohesive and authentic design scheme that naturally flatters your complexion.

The colors on your palette make your skin tone and eyes brighter and clearerer while diminishing the look of shadows and dark circles . Along with color certain style characteristics are unique to each season.

When decorating I don't always keep to my palette . My kitchen nook is black and white, colors that are no where near autumn but the majority of my home is done in a toasted soft autumn palette (also known as soft autumn dark). To learn more about palettes head to my pinterest page .

Today I am starting with my palette which is very apropos for this time of year (at least in Los Angeles were we are just beginning autumn).

Toasted soft autumns need to wear rich, warm colors that are muted ex: teal, plum, deep green etc.

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In terms of the overall aesthetic, toasted soft autumns are romantic and slightly bohemian ( think moody, english country).The use of velvets, patterned chintz and linens all work. No pale cool colors are used here, the toasted soft autumn prefers patina, character, depth and romance. Grasscloth walls, patterned lamp shades, sisal rugs all add to a comfy, layered a look.

Celebrities who are deep toasted autumn include: Tory Burch, Aerin Lauder, Helena Christensen, Giselee Bundchen and Olivia Palermo to name a few .

Stay tuned for part two where I give you practical ideas and advice on how to decorate and dress for this season.


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