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Here's What I've been buying....

Recently bought these boots in my favorite color.... (they just went on sale)

Another great item on sale:

Deciding between these three prints for my bedroom: (via Jenny's Print Shop and Artfully wall

Speaking of flowers, this gel is amazing! Works wonders on my dry winter skin and smells lovely!

Favorite new lipstick, gives my lips a beautiful wine stained color.

I generally like fragrances with spicier notes but this fragrance has the most incredible fresh, exuberant smell without being overly sweet or cloying. Think Clinique Happy's sophisticated older sister!

I have been reading this fantastic book, which has completely changed the way I eat, work and breathe!

One of the main changes my husband and I have started as a result of this book is to ry to eat a vegetarian diet during the week. We have been loading up on green smoothies, tons of salads and lentil stews. (p.s I am still human and therefore have kept my coffee/vino/chocolate habit!)

This is one of my favorite salads:

Another favorite blog of mine and cookbook I will be purchasing is:



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