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Here's What I've Been Up To:

Happy Friday to you all! I have been busy completing some projects which I can't wait to show you all. In the meantime here are some of my favorite items that I have been incorporating in my design schemes.

1- I am using this mirror above a client's dresser. We are pairing it with a super modern dresser for a little ying yang. I love the antique brass finish!

2- This vibrant print is being made into beautiful throw pillows for another project. We are pairing it with blush velvet and red leopard!

3- Every room needs extra seating and this sleek bench is a perfect balance of function and beauty. Available in two colors and reasonably priced!

4- One of my favorite sources for art is Jenny's Print Shop. I love pairing oversized prints with smaller ones. This print is going below a vintage poster from the Raffle's Hotel and I am placing this one as close to the floor as possible for a dramatic effect.

5- For an easy Ikea hack I painted two dressers in this sumptuous blue color.

6- I am hoping to use this lamp next to a sofa reupholstered in a hot pink silk! We found some beautiful vintage prints framed in black and gold which will work beautifully with the lamp.

Here are some beautiful images that provided the inspiration for some of my current projects.

(image via Mark D. Sikes blog)

(image via My Domaine)

(Alaina Kaczmarski of Everygirl)

( Alaina Kaczmarski / Everygirl )

(image via Eye Swoon)

( Alaina Kaczmarski / Everygirl)

( Katie Armour of The Neotrad)

( Nick Olsen)

(image via Domino)


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