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Why don't you....

I am starting a new series called why don't you.... The gist of it is to show basic and easy design tips that I have implemented into my home with minimal cost or effort. Sometimes I find myself stuck in a design rut but with a few simple tweaksI can completely change the feel of a room/space. One of my all time favorites is adding greenery to room. It is by far the easiest pick me up that I know off!

I am crazy for all forms of greenery be it wallpaper, fabrics and of course the actual plants! My all time favorites are 1)banana leaf anything!!! 2) potted herbs in a kitchen 3) fern plants which I literally put everywhere! Bathrooms are great for ferns as they thrive in humidity. Hope you get inspired!

My little work space:

1) Fine & Pink 2) image via Roomed 3) Design Sponge/Carole Poirot 4) Malin Persson 5) image via I Suwannee 6) Domino 7) Serena Crawford 8) unknown 9) Stuart Membery Home 10) Kathryn Ireland 11) aquietcottagelife.tumblr 12) Anna Spiro 13) Lauren Liess 14) Back Porch Musings 15) Mark D. Sikes 16) unknown 17) Pistils Nursery 18) Mimosa Lane 19) unknown 20) Nathan Turner for Wallshoppe

(A little disclaimer here: I try my hardest to find the correct source but often get lost down the rabbit hole of pinterest! Should you find an error or a source feel free to contact me.)


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