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Red, Black & White

Ever seen an outfit that you love but think how can that translate into a room? We might be all in on certain trends or maybe we just want to take a bit of inspiration from them. Whatever your comfort level there's plenty of ideas for all.

Take Jenna Lyon's outfit for example. You might feel inspired to purchase a striped rug for your living room or take a little leap of faith and purchase a bright red lipstick, either way it's all fun!

Image of Alessandra Branca's Bahamas home as shown in Architechtual Digest:

  1. Rug

  2. Wallpaper

  3. Red Velvet Pillow

  4. Art Print

  5. Baskets

  6. Striped Rug

  7. Vase

  8. Paint Color

  9. Lip Pencil

  10. Purse

  11. Chair

  12. Tassel Pillow

  13. Greek Key Pillow

  14. Pouf

  15. Sandals

  16. Chair


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