2018 New Goals

January 19, 2018





Aaah a new year, a new slate, new energy... I start off every year certain that this will be the year where I : 1- will exercise daily, 2-cut out refined sugar, carbs gluten and anything that could possibly taste good 3- read personnel development books weekly 4- never yell at my kids ... you name it!  It doesn't happen!!!


As a result  I am trying  to focus on 3-4  habits (keystone habits ) that will  make me happier , calmer and more relaxed. If I can add more habits in a day or week great but if I can't at least I have stuck with these.


1-  meditation-  I try to meditate every night for ten minutes ... This has made a huge difference in how I interact with people, how I deal with stressful situations etc. I use a guided meditation from Jen Riday- Vibrant happy Women. I love that I can choose a meditation to address whatever I am currently dealing with.


2- exercise-  I haaaate exercise (like really!)  I rather get my teeth cleaned! So this year I am committing to going to a pilates or yoga class once a week ( of course I will try for more) and walking 30 minutes 4 times a week. Not a lot I know but 4 hours is better then no hours. 


3- smoothies-  I have been drinking a smoothie every morning and it has helped me up my intake of green leafy vegetables.  Even if I have a busy day and the rest of my food choices are questionable,  I know I've had had a serious dose of fiber, antioxidants etc...  My favorite combo is baby spinach, kale,berries, banana, avocado and coconut water.


4- waking up early-  This one is by far  the most important habit for me. I am a morning person but have never utilized my early morning energy. Instead I would stumble out of bed at 7:20 rush to wake up my kids, rush to make breakfast..... Now I wake up at 6:00 and I have a full hour where I  can have a cup of coffee, pray, set some positive intentions and work on my instagram posts.


These 4 habits have completely changed how I feel, how I work , how I parent etc... so I really hope I can stick with them!


In regards to decorating I have one major tip or resolution to share: Go big with  art, mix up the size and hang it as low as you can!!


Here's what I mean:







       image via themakerista.com




                      (image via myidealhome.tumblr.com)


resolution #2 pay attention to the ceilings:





                design by Shaun Smith

 ( I always try to name the designer or publication from where I took my images. However, I had a little glitch with Pinterest and was not able to retreive the info for the images above. I did some by heart and if anyone knows the sources for the other photos I would be happy to name them.)


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